Course curriculum

  • 1

    1 - Course Introduction

    • How to get immediate benefits from 1st lecture & course welcome and introduction

    • Affiliate marketing definitions and strategies we will be using

  • 2

    2 - Few Interesting Affiliate Programs You Can Join Today

    • ClickMagick affiliate program you can enter now and begin promotion

    • Another affiliate program you can join and promote in few minutes

    • WORKSHEET: Affiliate marketing worksheet for the course

  • 3

    3 - Promoting Your Affiliate Product On Day 1

    • How to do product reviews for affiliate sales

    • How-to articles to drive affiliate sales

    • Twitter ads on day one that don't need approval for pennies per click

    • Example of cheap YouTube ads

    • Affiliate marketing without having your own website

  • 4

    4 - Affiliate Marketing Basics - How To Choose An Affiliate Marketing Niche

    • Why choosing your affiliate niche is so important

    • How to choose an affiliate niche examples

    • Examples of choosing an affiliate niche

    • Niching in platform

    • Client case study: Choosing an affiliate influencer niche and monetizing it

    • WORKSHEET: Choose your affiliate niche

  • 5

    5 - Fundamentals of Choosing Great Offers That Will Make The Most Money

    • Affiliate fundamentals section introduction

    • 4 types of affiliate offer structures to be aware of

    • Affiliate cookies, what they are and the impact they have on your earnings

    • Backend affiliate commissions - how to generate more revenue with these

    • Lucrative and highly converting PayPerCall affiliates

    • Matching mobile traffic to right offers and desktop traffic to right offers

    • Intermediate/advanced: How to negotiate a better commission for yourself

    • Case study of driving poor quality traffic and having the affiliate not work

    • Recurring affiliate commissions - a way to boost long-term revenue

    • Affiliate EPC - use the earnings per click metric to predict earnings

    • AOV (average order value) can impact your earnings

  • 6

    6 - Comparison of Major Affiliate Sites

    • Why no website is necessary to start in affiliate marketing

    • Amazon affiliate program pros and cons

    • Signing up for the Amazon Associates (their affiliate) program

    • CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly CommissionJunction overview

    • Clickbank overview

    • JvZoo overview

    • overview

    • TAKE ACTION: Sign up for the five different affiliate aggregator websites

  • 7

    7 - Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Products

    • Introduction to the marketing section

    • ACTIONABLE: Take your first steps promoting your affiliate products

    • What is marketing: Three perspectives

  • 8

    8 - SEO Introduction (Basics)

    • Introduction to SEO

    • Top SEO ranking factors from 150 top SEO experts

  • 9

    9 - After Keyword Research, Next Steps Are Website or YouTube

    • Section introduction on how to set up your affiliate website

    • What technology to use to create your website and should you do it yourself?

    • How to choose a good domain name, and even get it for free

    • Automatically translate your site, rank in other languages & get more traffic

  • 10

    10 - On-Page SEO For Your Affiliate Website

    • On-page SEO introduction

    • Interlinking your site's pages for an SEO boost

    • Setting the title and description meta tags for your on-page SEO

    • SEO pages that get shared more and rank better

  • 11

    11 - How to Promote Affiliate Products (BlueHost) With SEO & Content Marketing

    • Section introduction

    • What is BlueHost

    • Getting the BlueHost affiliate link

    • Long Tail Content Marketing To Bring Traffic And Drive Sales

    • Sharing my Analytics

  • 12

    12 - Additional Marketing

    • Introduction to social media marketing

    • How to get higher social media post click-throughs by writing better headlines

    • Headline exercise

  • 13

    13 - Facebook Ads Regular Facebook Ads and Highly Converting Retargeting Ads

    • Facebook ads section introduction

    • Setting up our Facebook Business Manager account

    • How to set up your Facebook page so you can run ads

    • Adding a page to our Facebook Business Manager account

    • Creating an ad account in Facebook Business Manager

    • Which Facebook ad to choose

    • 3 Facebook ad strategies

  • 14

    14 - Social Media Automation and Traffic

    • Social media automation section introduction

    • All the benefits of social media and automation

    • Understanding the power of HashTag marketing

    • Social media automation tools overview

    • Inside look at how I use SocialOomph

    • Pinned Facebook group update

    • Pinned tweet

    • Building your RT team

  • 15

    15 - Email Marketing and Autoresponders

    • Introduction to email marketing

    • Discussing MailChimp and pros and cons of other email marketing providers

    • Designating a list

    • Creating the autoresponder

    • Email subscribe popups

    • Your giveaway offer

  • 16

    16 - YouTube Marketing For Affiliates

    • YouTube marketing section introduction

    • Professional approach to YouTube

    • YouTube On-Page SEO

    • Introducing the YouTube recommendation algorithm

    • Strategy for getting views from the YouTube recommendation algorithm

    • Overview of my YouTube channel to give you ideas for how you can grow on YouTube

    • What to do when you first begin your YouTube channel

  • 17

    17 - How to Set up YouTube Video AdWords Ads

    • Section introduction

    • Setting up your ads account

    • In-Stream or Discovery ads

    • Ad budget

    • Setting budget and choosing the ad format

    • Ad psychology

    • More to choosing location than you think

    • Starting with ad groups

    • Stealing views from competitor's videos with placements option

    • Adding your video to the ad

    • Targeting demographics

    • Target audiences

    • Choosing content where your ad will appear

    • Choosing keywords

    • Few last considerations before saving the ad

    • Section conclusion

  • 18

    18 - Google AdWords Retargeting

    • Google AdWords retargeting section introduction

    • Setting up your AdWords retargeting tag code

    • Setting up your audience to remarket to in AdWords

    • Finalizing the retargeting ad so that it starts running

  • 19

    19 - You Are Ready to Begin Implementing Your Affiliate Strategies

    • Now you have all the affiliate tools, make sure you execute!

  • 20

    20 - Business Models and Strategies to Get 1000% More From Customers

    • 1000% more revenue per client section introduction