Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction & Welcome

    • WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Course introduction

  • 2

    Starting with YouTube SEO: Keyword Research, On Page SEO & Off Page SEO

    • YouTube SEO introduction

    • Starting with YouTube SEO keyword research using the Google keyword tool

    • Short-tail vs. long-tail keywords

    • Vidiq

    • Showing competitor keyword research

    • On page SEO for YouTube

    • Keyword and competitor research with TubeBuddy

  • 3

    YouTube Search Ranking Factors for Your Videos to Rank Higher

    • YouTube search ranking factors

    • How to get more thumbs up

    • How to get more YouTube comments

    • How to make sure people watch your videos longer

    • More benefits of having longer viewed videos

    • How to boost views and embeds with Quora

    • How to get views for a new video

    • How to increase sales and traffic from your email signature

    • Ring the bell strategy to get more engaged subscribers who watch more videos

    • CC for SEO boost

  • 4

    YouTube Recommendation Algorithm

    • YouTube recommended videos

    • Strategy for recommendation algorithm on YouTube

    • Close look at the recommendation algorithm

    • The secret tag strategy

    • Playlists to boost recommendations

    • Explaining more about how playlists influence recommendations

  • 5

    More Views from Better Video Titles & Thumbnails

    • Section intoduction

    • How to influence the intent match ranking factor

    • Video title copywriting introduction

    • EXERCISE: Writing more catchy video titles that also contain SEO keywords

    • Example: How visuals and headlines can draw attention and drive clicks & views

    • Where to get free or cheap images for your YouTube Thumbnails

  • 6

    Video Virality

    • Explaining the viral coefficient formula

    • Viral coefficient calculator

    • Ads having a role in virality

  • 7

    How I Built My Channel and How You Should Build Yours

    • My overall channel strategy and insights

    • Strategy for new channels

    • Adding a subscribe widget to your website

    • Case study of amazing video on a very low budget

    • Troubleshooting your channel if you are not seeing early success

  • 8

    Small Channel Adjustments That Can Make a Big Difference

    • Setting the trailer video shown to new or subscribed viewers

  • 9

    Common Things to Consider for a Show

    • Introduction to show planning

    • Advanced content repurposing with strategies that work today & in the future

    • Show goals and what is possible to achieve

    • Evergreen topics vs. current events

    • Example of a newsy and evergreen topic

    • What you can outsource for a show

    • Daily vs. weekly vs. monthly show

  • 10

    YouTube AdWords to Boost Your Video Ads with Cheap Advertising

    • Section introduction for boosting your YouTube views with YouTube ads

    • Setting Ad Types And Where They Are Shown

    • Setting ad budget

    • Location and language setting

    • Ad psychology

    • Your ad group

    • Stealing Competitor Views With Placements

    • Setting The Ad URL And Call To Action

    • Demographic ad targeting

    • How to write the headline and description for your ad

    • Setting your CPV

    • Keyword targeting

    • Setting target audiences

    • Interest and topic targeting

  • 11

    Social Media to Boost YouTube Rankings

    • Section introduction

    • All the benefits of social media automation

    • HashTag marketing

    • Social media automation tools

    • Showing inside of SocialOomph for automation

    • Pinned tweets

    • Pinned Facebook posts

    • Putting together your RT team

  • 12

    Facebook Ads to Run Ads of Your Video and Boost Views

    • Section introduction

    • What is the Facebook Business Manager and why you should use it

    • Setting up our Facebook Business Manager account

    • Adding a page to our Facebook Business Manager account

    • Creating an ad account in Facebook Business Manager

  • 13

    Continuing with the Facebook Ads, Setting Up Your Facebook Page

    • Beginning to work with the business pages in Facebook's Business Manager

    • Page banner size

    • Setting the brand image

    • How to set up your Facebook page screen name

    • Facebook page call to action button and about section

    • Setting up tabs on your Facebook page

  • 14

    Continuing With The Facebook Ads

    • Ad goals and a few strategies

    • Starting to work with Ad Manager and doing initial ad setup

    • Closer look at Facebook ad targeting

    • Ad placements: Automatic vs. Manual

  • 15

    Facebook Pixel and Retargeting Audiences from Your Website

    • Introducing and setting up the Facebook Pixel

    • Cold vs. Warm traffic from ads and strategies to warm up the traffic

    • Setting up a pixel event

    • Connecting a new Facebook Pixel to an ad set

    • Creating lookalike audiences from your Facebook Pixel

    • Pixel and retargeting audiences from your website

    • Setting up a retargeting audience and a lookalike audience in a new ad

  • 16

    Few Tips About Equipment

    • Audio recording equipment

    • Video recording equipment

  • 17

    Promoting Different Kinds of Channels

    • Section Introduction for unique types of channels

    • Comedy and funny channels

    • How to promote a music channel

    • Gaming channel

    • Vlog channel

  • 18

    Case Study of How I Plan and Prep for a Video

    • Section introduction to how I assess my own videos - insider's look

    • Case study of my earliest video and mistakes I made

    • How I prep and create videos now to give them fullest potential

    • Another case study of how bad video quality hurt my results

    • How to prepare for presentation videos

  • 19

    Basic Tips Improving Lighting and Get Rid of Shadows for Improved Video Quality

    • Basic recording and home office setup tips

    • How I get a slightly more professional look and feel for videos

  • 20

    Introduction to Improving Audio

    • Audio section introduction, quiet space to record & audio editing software

    • Getting rid of sound echo with studio foam

    • Microphones

  • 21

    Very Basic Introduction: On-Screen Appearance, Body Language & Presenting

    • Section introduction: Very basic body language, appearance and presentation

    • Basic clothing/appearance tips & mistakes I made early + examples on improving

    • Basics of body language & example

    • Basics of speech and tone

  • 22

    Fixing Speech Issues

    • What if you have an accent like I do

    • Parasite words in your speech - how to recognize and get rid of them

  • 23

    Setting up a new channel from scratch - for very beginners

    • Section introduction

    • Creating a brand new channel

    • Adding channel art for your channel

    • Uploading your first video

    • Going live with your first video & setting the featured video & channel trailer

    • Two hours after launch, what happened and lessons learned